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The topics, rhythms and visual designs of our film projects are as varied as life itself. And so they should, considering the wide range of highly talented film professionals who make them. Feel free to use the menu to the left of your screen, to find out more about their future, current and past activities.

HOW IT ALL CAME ABOUT    In 1992 Jos van der Pal studied script writing at the Media Academy in the Dutch media capitol of Hilversum. After years of producing corporate films for customers such as the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy, he started working on his eccentric first drama production 'The Frog in the Coffee Grinder' back in 1999. Three years later he became a board member at NFTVM, Holland's largest and most active organization of film and TV-makers. In that capacity he was also a member of the national Oscar Selection Committee.

OUT NOW:  - 'Ode Ober', Hiba Vink, 9'14, Super 16mm 
winner Best Editing, Manhattan Short fest 2008
winner Binger Audience Award, NFTVM Vers 2008
-  'Spoorweg' ('Losing Track'), Jacco Groen, 14'22, 35mm 
cinemascope (shooting format 35mm) 
winner Best Editing, California Independent Film Festival 2009
-  'Zara', Ayten Mutlu Saray, 83', 35mm
(shooting format Super 16mm)
winner Best Film Score, Swiss Film Awards 2009
official selection International Film Festival Rotterdam 2009
-  'Atsisveikinimas' ('Farewell'), Tomas Donela, 95', shooting format 35mm
semi-finalist Sundance/NHK International Filmmakers Award 2004

IN POST-PRODUCTION- 'Lilet Never Happened', Jacco Groen, 100', 35mm
winner Best Screenplay - social drama, Action On Film 2009

IN PRODUCTION- 'Escuadra', Tim Klaasse, 110', 35mm
- 'Armada's Organizer', Jos van der Pal, 82', HD                              Mattijn Hartemink and Diego Julio in the new Pal AV feature film production "Escuadra"